Terms Of Use

1: Content
You may not post or allow to be posted ANY adult related content such as pornography, nudity, adult toy sites.
If found your site will be deleted immediatly.

2: Spam and email policy
You may not use your site or any of the provided email address to engage in any type of spam or unwanted email or email lists.
Complaints if found to be legitimate may result in your site being deleted.
3: Hosting Fee
Hosting fee's must be paid on time each month via Paypal subscription.
We are understanding, however continious instances of being late may result in us requiring a one month security deposit. deposit will be returned upon 6 consecutive on time payments.
4: Fraud
You must not engage in any fraudulant activity using your site or our software.
If fraud is found your site will be deleted.
Have fun and enjoy your new site.