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Run your own online auction without having to buy expensive auction software. Simply host your auction site with us and use our exclusive custom auction software for free. All you pay for is auction web hosting. Set your own categories, colors, fee's etc. Fully compatible with Paypal for auction site payments and payments between buyers and sellers. Cart style checkout for each seller so buyers can pay sellers for multiple items in a single Paypal transaction.
New localized search feature allows you to run a nationwide local marketplace.

It's Fun - It's Easy - No Technical Knowledge Needed

Public Auction Site

Allows registered users to auction or sell items on the site. Each seller gets their own store which includes all their items, profile, terms, feedback etc.
Set your own fee's for posting and features. Sellers pay your site through Paypal for auction services.
Buyers and Sellers deal with and pay each other using our exclusive Paypal cart system.

Private Auction Site Or E-Commerce Store

Designed for your business to auction or sell your items only. Regular users are not allowed to post listings to the site.
Registered users are allowed to bid or buy only.
Can be used in "Store Only Mode" where all listings are for non auction, fixed price sale.